Life and senses

That's life, a succession of images throughout the time.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why doesn't she flip for me?

Anyone? Yes, Practically Anyone
"I don't get it.. I'm attractive, smart, sensitive, accomplished. Why doesn't she flip for me?.

Why can't I find love?" How many times have you beat your fists on the pillow asking yourself this question?

You open your mind skeptically, yet harboring hope, for the solution. You read a title: How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You.

"That's a mighty big promise," you say. Indeed, it is. But the promise of this post is yours if you are willing to follow a scientifically sound plan to capture the heart of a Potential Love Partner.
Why, when history is strewn with broken hearts, do we now claim the means to make someone fall in love with us? Because, after centuries of resistance, science is finally unraveling what romantic love actually is, what triggers it, what kills it, and what makes it last.

Just as ancient tribesmen saw an eclipse and thought it was black magic, we looked at love and
thought it was enchantment. Sometimes, especially during those first blissful moments when we want to stop strangers on the street and cry out, "I'm in love!" it may feel like enchantment.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Verbal violence

The violence does not go nowhere

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